What dress to choose for your civil wedding?

The day is fast approaching when you will have to say YES and you still haven't thought about what outfit you will wear at this unique moment in your life?

The civil wedding is a formal event that, although it lasts quite a bit, is very important in the process by which two people unite their destinies. As in any other situation, clothing must be chosen according to several factors, which relate to both your personality and the latest fashion trends.

There are many types of dresses for civil weddings , but the classic version is often chosen, a white, beige or pink dress made of taffeta, satin or lace. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but there are much more interesting options to try on this important day.

The options are vast, the styles too, but only one is chosen. Next, we present the essential things to take into account when choosing a dress for your marital status, but also some special models that you can find in our store.

Short, midi or long dresses for a civil wedding?

Your dress can be long, short or midi. Flexibility is one of the benefits of civil weddings, so take advantage of it. If you feel comfortable in a short dress or a midi cut, it's your choice. Short dresses, in general, are more suitable for a daytime event. For evening events, long ones are very elegant. If you're going to wear high heels, make sure your dress doesn't exceed three fingers above the knee and, if you're going to wear a long dress, make sure it's one that doesn't have too much flow.

The midi dress is one of the most desired pieces in recent times. It is a dress with a romantic aesthetic and its length is ideal for urban civil weddings, especially if the event takes place during the day. In addition, flared models, with an A-line skirt, are very popular among brides-to-be, because they highlight the waist and hide voluminous hips.

What are the most suitable colors for a civil wedding?

Regarding the color, you can use your favorite color, white, a light color or one that matches the decor. Among this year's civil wedding dress models, you will find all the inspiration you need. If there is a significant color for you and your partner, you can coordinate your outfits. He can wear a tie, a handkerchief or a vest in the color of your dress, for example.

Bold colors work best on long evening dresses, while light tones are more appropriate on day dresses. As for the season, the more vibrant shades are the most suitable in summer and spring, and the discreet colors look great in autumn and winter. And make sure that your makeup and the color of your dress complement each other.

Prints are not prohibited, but they look best outdoors, especially if they are floral. Both glitter fabric, embroidery and lace offer very beautiful and elegant ornaments, if you want to play with textures.

Minimalist dresses never go wrong

Every bride has a unique style, and for those brides who prefer a more discreet style, simple and minimalist dresses are all they need to celebrate the big day.

Simple and elegant dresses are always a success. They have clean, geometric lines, structured cuts, traditional cuts without details. Far from being boring or ostentatious creations, these civil wedding dresses are discreet and refined, versatile and timeless. Achieving the "wow" effect is not incompatible with the sober and minimalist style, on the contrary. They not only adapt to different types of occasions, but also enhance beauty in a natural way.

In general, minimalist dresses are the jewels of the wardrobe that we value and turn to every time we have an event or want to look splendid, so I don't see why we would make another choice right now. They are a great piece with clean lines that will continue to be valid over time regardless of trends. The aspects of a minimalist dress fulfill the three S's: simple, sophisticated and give self-confidence.

You still don't know which model to approach? Discover our collection of wedding dresses or come to our showrooms in Bucharest and Ploiesti to create together the perfect dress for your event.