The most important accessories for the wedding dress

After you've found the wedding dress you've been dreaming of, it's time to add the final touch: some assorted wedding accessories. Of course, the dress is the star of the wedding, but the right accessories can help you highlight it and complete your look.

The accessories must be chosen carefully, because you risk loading the outfit too much, especially if the wedding dress has applications made of crystals or other shiny stones. The simpler pieces you choose and the less you are loaded, the more you will stand out for your style and sophistication. Here are the most important accessories for a wedding dress:

The bridal veil

One of the accessories that almost every bride integrates into her outfit is the veil. This is one of the classic accessories, but which can be found in a variety of models, so that any taste and any type of dress is perfectly complemented.

Although many brides choose not to wear a veil anymore, it can give a romantic and solemn air, fabulous and even memorable. Therefore, brides who are not very comfortable with this type of accessory for their wedding dresses can choose to wear it only at church, during the religious ceremony.

Bridal shoes

The first aspect that brides look for when choosing their shoes for the big day is to be as spectacular as possible. Besides this, another aspect is perhaps even more important, namely functionality and convenience.

Brides must take into account that the wedding day is a very hectic one, which involves many hours wearing the respective shoes, so the main criterion you should take into account is the comfort that the bridal shoes offer. The dance floor is where the bride and groom should be all night, and a pair of uncomfortable shoes can prevent the bride from enjoying herself.


And in terms of jewelry, brides are very strict when it comes to choosing the most suitable ones. They can choose between pearls and crystals, voluminous or discreet jewelry, depending on preferences, personality and the design of the dress.

For example, for a wedding dress with bare shoulders, wearing a necklace is not necessary, while in the case of a V-neckline it is mandatory, and in the case of dresses with a collar, jewelry should be worn in the hair, regardless of whether it is about a spectacular tiara or some elegant hairpins.

The bridal bouquet

Another accessory, which is indispensable, no matter how unconventional the wedding, is the bridal bouquet. This is chosen, in general, depending on the theme and color of the wedding, as well as the season in which the wedding takes place. As with most accessories, in the case of the bouquet, brides have many options to choose from.

The most important aspect, which is specific to all bridal accessories, is that they must all be matched and adopted to the style of the wedding dress. So that women who are going to get married and are looking for a wedding dress in Bucharest and Ploiesti, can visit our showroom, Georgiana Iordache being the place where any bride will find her dream dress.