How to choose a bridesmaid dress: tips and recommendations

Are you going to be a bridesmaid at a wedding, a civil wedding or a baptism and are you looking for the right outfit for such events?

In this article you will be able to discover how to choose your perfect bridesmaid dress and some spectacular and original outfit ideas, because we understand how important it is for you to shine at such an event.

In order to have the perfect outfit adapted to you, you will have to take several aspects into account. About the wedding theme, about the bride's dress, about the place where it happens, at the moment, if it's summer or winter, about the shape of your body. If it is a normal wedding, you will need at least two occasion dresses , one for the civil wedding and one for the wedding itself. But let's take them one by one:

General tips for choosing a bridesmaid dress

Most of the time, dresses are the most popular option when it comes to composing a godmother outfit. The outfit must stand out, of course, through a special cut, quality materials and a special design, but it is not recommended to be loud, too rich in details, to become too much.

To make the right choice, here are the tricks you should keep in mind:

Don't choose a white dress. On the wedding day, white is worn only by the bride, as a result, both you and the other guests will have to choose other shades for the party outfits;

Even if there is no universally valid rule regarding the number of dresses to wear to a wedding as a godmother, you should know that, in general, two outfits are used: one for the day, for the civil and religious wedding , and one in the evening, for the party during the night;

Regarding the choice of wedding dresses, one thing you should take into account is the space where the events will take place, but also the theme of the party, so that you can adapt your outfits appropriately. For example, a basic dress, in one color, with a straight cut, will not be suitable in a very elegant wedding hall, with sophisticated details, while a very shiny one, with sequins or pearl appliqués, will be too much for a casual party, by the sea or in a rustic space, with an atypical decoration;

Also, keep in mind that the material of the wedding dress should be chosen depending on the season. In the summer, pieces made of light fabrics (silk, cotton, satin) work very well, while in the winter outfits made of velvet, cashmere or lace are recommended;

Moreover, a significant detail is the length of the dress. Avoid the short ones because weddings are not exactly the right event for them. Both in the case of daytime and evening dresses, the hem of the dress (if it is not a long one) should be at least two centimeters above the knees or even pass them. For day wear, midi dresses can be an excellent choice;

The "to avoid" chapter also includes dresses with a train or transparent ones or in garish shades (such as neon ones). In general, you should avoid outfits that are visually shocking and that are not suitable for formal events;

Another essential factor is choosing a dress in which you feel comfortable. Think that you will have to stand for a long time, move and dance almost all night;

Last but not least, to make a good investment until the end, choose a dress that you can wear to other weddings or evening parties, one that is easy to maintain and adapt to various occasions.

Models of bridesmaid dresses

There are several models of bridesmaid dresses that you can choose from, and in the following we will show the most common ones, so that you can get an idea of ​​what you want to wear:

- The fitted dress, with an accentuated waist, which suits especially tall women, with a filiform silhouette;

- The dress with an A-shaped cut, fitted at the top and flared at the bottom, which suits women with shapes, who have a generous bust, a thin waist and wider hips;

- The dress with boat neckline, which highlights a generous bust in a discreet, elegant way, without attracting too much attention;

- The V-neck dress, which suits both people with a small bust and those with a generous bust, but it must be chosen according to the theme and the place of the wedding because it is not always a good option (especially in spaces with a very elegant, even sober decoration);

- The dress with a straight cut, a basic model, which does not emphasize the waist in any way and which can be adapted to several types of silhouettes, especially since it has the advantage of being able to cover small imperfections;

- The dress with frills, which can be mini, midi or maxi and which suits especially tall people with a small bust, managing to transform almost any appearance into a spectacular one;

- The draped dress, which has one part that goes over the other, both being fastened, as a rule, with a cord or a belt at the waist and which fits several types of silhouettes, being available in a variety of models;

- The mermaid dress, an intense dress model promoted by the actress Sofia Vergara, which suits especially hourglass-type silhouettes, with voluminous shoulders, bust and hips, but also with a very thin waist.

Choosing the godmother's outfit requires time and patience, so that the result is spectacular! Wear a dress that will make you stand out, taking into account your body proportions and the theme of the special event you will participate in!