Tell me what figure you have so I can tell you which evening dress suits you!

It is the letter of the law that the choice of a dress, regardless of its type, must always take into account the figure of the wearer. This is the only way you can be sure that what you wear is advantageous to you and does not represent a risk of becoming a topic of discussion at the event you are about to attend.

So it's not the most inspired decision to take the first dress off the hanger and wear it just because it's a nice dress. In fact, before spending money unnecessarily on models that do not suit you, it is good to consult a guide specially designed to help you make a wise decision about an evening dress , that is, to point out the aspects that are good to follow them when you choose the dress.

So without making hasty decisions, I invite you to go through the following lines to receive some friendly advice in this regard. In fact, in the Georgiana Iordache store you will always find sufficiently varied models to benefit from the balance you need in outfits with each party in society. Even if accessorizing has a huge impact on the final result of your outfit, the importance of the figure of the wearer should not be neglected, as it is in reality the one that dictates such a choice.

Types of silhouette and evening dress suitable for everyone!

  • Mar. silhouette

Such a silhouette requires a dress that emphasizes the neckline and at the same time does not add volume in the waist area. In fact, the intention is to create the feeling of an elongated silhouette, so a fluid, airy model is perfect in this sense. Choose with confidence the A-type dresses or those with V-necklines and exclude anything that involves pleats in the waist area or a fitted cut.

  • Para silhouette

Because it is characterized by more obvious hips, the interest is to create a pleasant appearance in this area, without blurring them. They are feminine, pleasant shapes, so a dress that can put them in a good light is to be appreciated. Aim for a model with a long cut, preferably more airy at the top. A dress with a plunging neckline or bare shoulders can help you achieve the perfect balance of your outfit.

  • Hourglass silhouette

A perfectly sculpted body, characterized by this type of silhouette, is also the most desirable. Even if any choice seems to be suitable, certain models of dresses can have a very special impact on the figure. If a fitted dress will beautifully emphasize the waist and the pleasant curves of the body, imagine the impact of a fitted model, respectively with a drawstring at the waist. You can confidently choose both mermaid-type dresses, fitted, as well as A-line models, with cut-outs in the waist area, with bold necklines.

  • Rectangular silhouette

Although it would seem difficult to identify a type of dress that would highlight her beautifully, there are more options than you think. It all depends on the wearer's ability to follow the models that emphasize the right areas of the body. For example, those that add volume, as well as those that are complemented by frills, pleats or other feminine decorations can have a wow effect. Of course, a fitted dress or one with a straight cut will never be an inspired choice.

If you take into account these simple and easy-to-follow tips, without a doubt you will find an evening dress that will suit you from head to toe. We are waiting for you in our store - - to discover trendy models that will conquer you!