Trends in high demand in 2023 - wedding dresses in vogue

The organization of a wedding always has in the foreground the choice of a dream wedding dress, or, at least, that's how things are in the case of the female representatives. For those who are going to get married this year, this mission comes with a lot of emotions and stress, considering the diversity of options with which they are greeted by the profile market. Of course, personal preferences will always come first, the current year's trends occupying the 2nd place. But what do you do when you are very indecisive about the ideal model for you?

The golden rule - always choose the dress according to your figure! yes, it is a generally valid rule, which is successfully applied also in terms of choosing a wedding dress . Moreover, for those of you who have reservations about a certain model, in the sense that you don't trust that it is the most suitable, we are at your disposal with advice and specialized recommendations, so that you can find the answer you are looking for.

Very important to remember regarding the wedding dresses found in our online store is that each model can be subject to personal preferences, so they can be modified/adapted according to the needs and tastes of our clients. The measurements are not standard for every woman, so they can be modified as needed.

Let's see what are some of the trends in wedding dresses in 2023!

Ballerina dress

Although they have always been worn, princess dresses, defined by the volume at the bottom, are still a trend. So you can confidently choose a dress made of tulle or taffeta, with a length up to the ankle, if that's what you want. Along with the right heels, you will definitely look like a real princess on the happy day!

Dress with bardot neckline

In 2023, models with bare shoulders also seem to be very coveted. These are rather a choice for those with more sophisticated tastes, who emphasize such chic details. Depending on the season in which you are organizing the event, you can opt for either a short-sleeved model or a long-sleeved dress. It is a suitable option for those with a well-defined neck and shoulders.

The dress with puffy shoulders

Here is another model that captures the attention of young ladies who will be brides this year. Puffy shoulders, complemented by wide sleeves, are a detail that many emphasize when it comes to this special dress. They are a preference especially for those whose intention is to balance the proportions of the shapes that define the silhouette. The volume added at the top is the artifice that highlights them.

Corset dress

Last but not least, this is a model that will conquer the podium in the new year. These are a preference for young ladies who want to emphasize characteristics such as sensuality and femininity.

Of course, a particularly important focus falls on the materials used in making the models mentioned above. Preferences lean towards models based on fluid materials such as silk, but also transparent veil or tulle. Applied pearls or flower embroideries are also details that will come first.

The right combination of model, cut, material and accessories will create a wow effect for every bride-to-be. We are waiting for you in our boutique with special models, but also with consulting services, to be sure that you have made the right choice!