Top 4 materials worthy of creating an occasion dress

Special events require tailored outfits! Every occasion should be honored with appropriate clothing, which does not disappoint anyone's expectations. Of course, it is all the more important that the chosen clothing items satisfy the wearer, first of all. A choice as difficult as it can be, but as possible to make even in due time. It all depends on the lady's or young lady's ability to orient herself in the right direction for the occasion dresses.

The options are numerous and delightful. However, you must necessarily find out what are the materials that will make such a dress leave the sphere of the banal, easily entering that of the beautiful, the incomparable elegance. We therefore invite you to read on to discover the star materials in the chapter of occasion dresses , which you can also find in exceptional cuts in our online store!

Top 4 materials suitable for a special occasion dress

If you want to look flawless regardless of the occasion, here are the materials you can trust!

Triple veil with glitter insert

Here is a more than successful combination of materials, which will without a doubt transform an ordinary dress into something completely special. In this sense, we invite you to discover the Adoni model, available in our boutique, a special dress, made of triple veil with glitter insert, combined with a very fine and elegant multicolored embroidery. The final detail, the accessorizing of the embroidery with sand stones and pearls, give it a completely special note, transposing it into the sphere of the impeccable, the excellent.

Fringe embroidery

It may sound a little exotic, but it is definitely a combination that deserves all the attention. The Mila model, for example, is an extraordinary combination of spectacular fabrics. The embroidery is completed at the bottom by strings of glass fringes, creating a flawless spectacle with every movement of the wearer. The sensuality of the materials used is taken to the extreme by the cut of the neckline and the one in the shoulder area, which completes an impeccable geometry of the outfit.


The list would not be complete if we did not mention this special material. Who can refuse an elegant lace dress, especially when it is delicately complemented by embroidery and fabric? Maybe it is too much for anyone's mind to imagine such an interesting combination. No problem: access the Lucretia model displayed in our store to find out exactly how such an occasion dress looks. More words are superfluous, the images speak for themselves!

Veil and micro sequins

Yes, the surprises continue at Georgiana Iordache. Here is just another unique combination of materials from which a successful occasion dress can be made. Tailored on the basis of bodysuits, Helen is just one example that will conquer you without question. With fringes of beads in the upper part, completed with a draped pattern in the part of the skirt, this is special from the first glance.

The nice part, regardless of the model that conquers you, is that you have the possibility to opt for your favorite shade, but also to adapt it according to your personal sizes. Without hesitation, we are waiting for you in the boutique to discover other combinations of materials that will define your ideal dress for the next special occasion.