Top 5 ideal colors for bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaids are important guests of a wedding because they are the bride's closest friends and her best helpers. They will be by her side to support her and help her with everything she needs, because stress and agitation will have their say at some point.

Every time, the bridesmaids are also a point of attraction of the wedding because they come into contact with all the guests and are responsible for the fun and good will on the dance floor.

If you want to surprise them and show them how much their presence and help means to you, offer them occasion dresses of the same color to distinguish them from the rest of the guests and for your photos to be spectacular.

Here are the most loved colors of this season:

Dresses in dusty purple tones

Perhaps the most common color used for bridesmaids' dresses, the shade of purple is, without a doubt, the favorite of many brides, and we can see this in the pictures of friends, on social networks or on the many specialized websites and blogs .

Dresses in this color suit both fair-skinned people and the most tanned, therefore, they are an inspired choice. They are perfectly complemented by a simple wreath of flowers and a bouquet of hydrangeas, peonies and lavender.

Dresses in blue tones

Blue is a calming, very nice color, which makes you think of romance novels that took place on sunny summer fields, where there is not even a cloud to overshadow the joy. Dresses in this color must be cut from a vaporous material and without too complicated seams. This shade of blue has a special warmth and is only good if your wedding is scheduled for summer or spring.

Dresses in dusty pink tones

Dusty pink is one of the most popular colors for a bridesmaid dress. First of all, this color was and will always remain in trend, and another reason would be that it contrasts very nicely with the bride's white dress and with her bouquet. It is a very feminine and romantic shade and your girlfriends will be very pleased with this choice.

Dresses in sunflower yellow tones

When you see this color, you surely already feel the smell of the Sunflower tamed by the sun's rays. So, if you want your wedding day to be dominated by a summer vibe, slightly country or going towards the farmhouse style, the bridesmaids' dresses must be in sunflower yellow.

Dresses in burgundy tones

Burgundy is a bold shade that fits perfectly for a wedding planned for September - November. This is a fashionable color in 2023 and a color that will tell you and your girlfriends that you are the brave squad. The dresses for the bridesmaids must be made of a thick material, but not very stiff.

So, here are the shades of bridesmaid dresses you can choose from! Which one do you like the most?